April Fools Pranks for Your Husband and Kids

April Fools Pranks for Husband and Kids

This year has been declared the year of fun in our house, so I decided to gang up on my family with some April Fool’s Day pranks.

Watch the videos to see what fun we’re going to have!

I thought he might have figured out what was up, so I upped my game with this:

And then sweet Em and I got ready for Samuel:

I haven’t thought of a great one for my 3-year old daughter yet. Do you have any ideas?

3 thoughts on “April Fools Pranks for Your Husband and Kids

  1. Brenda Barnhart

    Just wanted to let you know the short sheet prank worked well with my Husband….Too funny! I laughed so hard.
    Thanks for sharing the idea 🙂

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