Intentional May – Connecting Kids’ Crafts to the Gospel, May Flowers, Week 2

May Flowers Kids Craft

In May, I am picking a relevant scripture each week to focus on. My conversations with my kids will be about the verses, and bonus! – I’ve picked a craft to help us (and you!) talk through spiritual things.

Don’t forget – you’re the primary influencer in your kids’ lives, so be intentional about sharing God’s truths with them! I’d love to hear if you have success with these. Share in the comments!

Week 2

The craft this week is all about May Flowers. We already covered April Showers. 🙂

We’re always planting and gardening around here, and I know I have random flower pots hanging around in the garage, so this little craft will be super fun. We’re going to make thumbprint pots like these:

thumbprint pots

I guarantee you my kids’ pots will start with thumbprint butterflies and end up looking like a brown goopy mess, but that’s not the point! 😉 I will take them to our favorite nursery to pick out a cheap annual for their pot. They love taking care of things!

The Bible verse is:

And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. (Matthew 6:28a, NIV)

The whole point of April showers (which God provides) is that you get May Flowers – God even provides for the beauty of creation! Of course, He also would provide for His own children.