Intentional May – Connecting May Flowers to the Bible, Week 3


Connecting May Flowers to the Bible

In May, I am picking a relevant scripture each week to focus on. My conversations with my kids will be about the verses, and bonus! – I’ve picked a craft to help us (and you!) talk through spiritual things.

Don’t forget – you’re the primary influencer in your kids’ lives, so be intentional about sharing God’s truths with them! I’d love to hear if you have success with these. Share in the comments!

Week 3

This week the craft is the life cycle of a flower. We created the life cycle below (inspired by this post). The kids get to be hands on with this one!

Flower Life Cycle

  1. glue seeds (I used watermelon seeds from my garden stash.
  2. Brown paint for dirt
  3. Use a cotton ball for a cloud (which will bring the rain)
  4. blue paint fingerprinted on for rain
  5. sun picture to glue or draw – we used a yellow pom pom and colored the rays
  6. picture or drawing of flower – we had some real flowers from her recital that were dry and a flower stamp.

The important point I will make is that for there to be seeds, the flower has to die. Living things have an ending. People also have an eternal ending unless we trust Jesus as our Savior. God doesn’t end, and our verse teaches that neither does His word!

The Bible verse this week is

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever. Isaiah 40:8, NIV