Light Saber Pinata Stick – Star Wars Fundraiser Birthday Party

Making a Light Saber Pinata Stick Star Wars

May the 4th be with you!

Big surprise that in 2016 my 6 year old wanted a Star Wars birthday party, right? Him and every other kid (and adult)!

I’m definitely not gifted in the birthday party department. It stresses me out to no end, and thus, I keep it simple and old school.

Park = free venue? Check.

Grandma loves to make epic birthday cakes? Check.

Star Wars Birthday Cake

Kids love individual bags of chips? Check.

Adorable FREE printable Star Wars invitations? Check.

Water bottles? Check.

Family and friends and love? Check.

Sounds like a great party to me! We don’t even ask for presents. Instead, we ask families to make a $5 donation to charity (and you know birthday presents cost more than that.) We usually raise around $150 for a charity of the child’s choice! My kids are used to this rhythm, and Samuel knew right away he wanted his birthday “money” to go to orphans in Africa.

But I did plan something pretty epic! When Halloween clearance went 70% off, I snagged an adult Darth Vader costume, and my husband dressed up and crashed the party. I informed Samuel that the Jedi counsel had appointed him to slay Vader! He got a cheapo $3 light saber and a brown robe (fabric tied with a rope), and they battled it out. He literally had no idea it was daddy.

darth vader crashing birthday party

Also, we got a pinata because old-school-birthdays. Well, pinata sticks are like $5 for a tube of cardboard. Even I can do better than that!

I grabbed a 1″ dowel we had at home and some acrylic paint. I taped off the saber so it would have a handle and light beam. Then, I painted the light beam green and let it dry – drying took only about 45 minutes. Then I taped the other side to paint the handle silver. I let that dry, then taped off half of the handle to paint it black. Then, I used sharpie to draw on some buttons.

Star Wars Light Saber Pinata Stick

Easy! Darth Vader didn’t stand a chance against all of the Jedis who showed up to fight.