What’s God saying to you?

Hey friends! Long time, no talk. My fault, really. I’m super busy launching my new LuLaRoe business! But I miss you and had a free second. 

So, since I don’t have much time to write, maybe you can write to me?? In the comments? What has God been saying to you?

He’s been continually telling me to stay connected to the vine. As a mom of three, with baby life, pastor’s wife, actor, entrepreneur, I have little time and energy. Let’s be real. I could stop with BABY LIFE and say I have little time and energy. 

But all of that means nothing if I’m not connecting to Him, glorifying Him, letting Him work in my life. 

So yes, I’m struggling to read the bible and pray, but I continue to fight for time with God. It truly is a fight, and the Spirit will give me the strength and power. But without his word, I’m fighting with a dehydrated, slack-muscled mind. My faith gets weary and doubts start to weigh heavy like an undisciplined meal. 

My accountability helps. My husband encourages. Without that, would I try at all? Or would I wave the white flag and give in, succumbing to living for myself, the American dream, kid idolatry, or some new star to chase? 

What do you think? Am I alone? What is that ONE THING in this world that keeps pushing you toward Him?