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Work Zone Ahead!!

work zone ahead

Hi friends! I have a busy month coming up with my pay-the-bills job, so I’m taking a break from writing!

Thanks for understanding, and in the meantime, feel free to browse years’ worth of archives by clicking around on the categories at the top or side of the page. 😀


Maternity Leave!

Well hello my lovely friends! At this point, baby Emma is due tomorrow, and I’m finally too exhausted to keep writing – I’m writing this in advance knowing I will just need to hit “Publish” later. 😉

I’ll be taking a little time off – for obvious reasons – but I don’t want to leave you without good reading material! I know it can be hard to sit and look through the archives in the categories at the top of this page, but that’s the best place to find the goods!

The most “full” category is probablly “Real Life” – if you hover over it, you’ll see several sub-categories to look through. They’re all sorted by newest first, so if you read regularly, you might click “Older Entries” a few times to get to some posts you may have never read – especially if you’re new!

Also, if you read this blog through Facebook or just by coming to the site, you might consider subscribing by email. That way, when I start writing again, you’ll get the first post delivered right to your inbox (subscribe by entering your email in the box below). Do what works for you! I’m just grateful that you’re here, sharing this journey with me.

Giving Up on Ambition

This week, our Biblical Womanhood classes are finishing up – it’s been a long time coming, and I learned a TON. All great stuff, things I’m sure I’ll continue to keep learning for many years.

One of the culminations of our class is creating a Biblical Womanhood “plan”. Basically, we reflect on the course and where we are as women according to God’s design. Then we decide on some measurable goals that we can pursue with accountability.

Now, you know I’m not really a reflecter. This blog is one of my strongest tools for reflection, so you’re seeing me in all of my reflective glory. But by nature, I’m task-driven and prize-focused. I often don’t stop to think – I just do. When I see something I’m supposed to handle or need to change, I work on it.

If you’re a reflecter rather than a doer, maybe you’re thinking I wish I were like that. Because that’s what I think about you.

But just because I’m doing something doesn’t mean it’s actually productive towards a Godly goal. I might have started down a path thinking it was the right route for me, and somewhere along the way, I forgot why I started. But I can’t quit! That would be horrible! Heh.

That’s why us doers need reflection. It’s why creating this Biblical Womanhood plan was really good for me. An opportunity to sit and think about where God has me, and how I’ve been off the track of His will.

Then comes the hard part – deciding on concrete, objective ways to make changes! I can’t just say I want to respect my husband more. I have to figure out how that will really look. In what way can I show him respect on an ongoing basis? Etcetera.

Here’s the thing. When my plan was finished, I was pretty surprised. I wasn’t surprised that I wanted to strengthen my relationships with my husband and son in a Godly way. Or that I needed to determine how my spiritual gifts could be used practically.

I was surprised that there was not one goal on my list that had to do with work, ambition, or accomplishments.

Because I’m a doer, I’ve always had ambition – a drive to get somewhere with my work and my time. When I started working part-time instead of full-time, I picked up this hobby – a blog. And I have to say that for the year and a half-ish I’ve been blogging, I’ve tried really hard to do it the business-savvy way.

I attended conferences; I network on Twitter; I try to keep a solid writing schedule; I seek ways to monetize my writing; I’m writing my first ebook. And more.

But my blog and ebook did not make my goals list. Not even in a “this is a hobby and outlet and tool for me so I want to keep doing it” sort of way.

Never fear! I’m not quitting my blog, haha! I had you worried, all 35 of you, didn’t I!? 🙂

The fact that my social media pursuits did not make that list of goals just solidifed for me that I’m not here to “make it” – I’m here to learn and to grow and to do that with you.

That’s it. If those other pieces come easily and make sense, then I’m all over it. But I’m giving up on trying to hit a certain mark here.

I’m giving up on ambition so that I can be freed up to pursue the things God really put on my heart.

Ending Bible Poverty through OneVerse – Ministry Spotlight

OneVerse Blogger

I’m sure we’re all vaguely aware of how much we take for granted, particularly things like our wealth, safety, health, family, home, etc.

Having the Bible readily available – in my own language/dialect – is a grace I not only take for granted, but one that I rarely think about.

OK, so I knew there are people in the world who don’t have Scripture in their own language. But what I didn’t know is that “more people live without a complete Bible in their language than without enough food and clean water combined” (

Wow. I thought food and clean water were a big deal. And they are. But what about every people group hearing and reading about the living bread (John 6:51) and the well of eternal water (John 4:14), Jesus Christ?

And how often do I take advantage of having God’s Word, right here by my computer, on the Internet, on bookshelves, at the office, in the car, on my phone?

Not nearly enough. And that’s a heart issue we must each deal with and ask God to strengthen us in.

At the same time, we can also provide aid to ministries that are helping to end Bible poverty for millions of people. I’m proud to say that my family just started financially supporting OneVerse, which is a Bible translating ministry and affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Not only have we committed to financially sponsoring the translation of 1 Bible verse a month (for only $26!), but I have also committed to joining in the social media campaigns to spread the word about this ministry. I’m so pleased that God might use this space He’s given me to reach people across the world with His Word!

The people group I am committed to is the Vidunda group in Africa. You can read all about their spiritual position – and even see which Bible verse was sponsored last! – by clicking right here. Having God’s word in their own tongue will help them clear up confusion about the spiritual world, aid their growth in passion for the Lord, and also help reach more Vidundas for Jesus.

Would you consider joining me?

Disappointing Blogger Week… Plus Ways You Can Support this Blog

Last week brought a disappointing event for my blog. But it started out so exciting! I got an email from a French ad agency asking my prices for banner ads on my blog.

I was skeptical….

Who was the brand? I asked.

They responded. And I went WOAH! That brand is very well-known! They’re sold in department stores. Pretty cool.

So I sent them my price list, still not sure if this was legit.

They responded saying they wanted to buy my top-priced ad space. I logged into their webmaster tools and get everything set up for them to review. I was so excited – because if you don’t know – this blog is not huge!

I write this blog because it helps me to grow in Christ, and that’s what it’s really all about. If it also helps you grow in Christ, then I am ultra thrilled about that.

But I do spend a lot of time blogging, and it would be a blessing to my family if any income were generated from it (of course).

Then I got an email that the advertiser rejected my site. 🙁

I was a little heart-broken! Disappointed, dejected… you know what this feels like.

Here’s what’s so interesting: Before I got that email, I had no disappointment in my blog. LOL. It just goes to show you how quickly worldly desires will take over.

Some of you are my very loyal readers and friends, and I thank you so much for always supporting me and encouraging my efforts here. Some of you are new, and I say Welcome! I’m glad you’re here!

Can I ask you to take another step in supporting this blog? If you’re not interested, that’s OK! But if you do enjoy this space, here are some ways you can support it:

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Thanks again for being here, and I hope that you will come back often!

Nothing New?

Remember a while back when I told you I felt paralyzed to write? Above all else, I think this is what has been troubling me:

What exists now is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing truly new on earth. (Ecclesiastes 1:9, NETBible)

God’s Word is true and has application in the past, present, and future. What, then, can I say?

I write blog posts in my head. It’s just how I process my life now that I’m a blogger: The title comes to me. Paragraph chunks enter my brain. Often, they’re lost forever before I’m able to capture them in print (lucky you!).

And lately, besides being very burdened timewise, anytime I write a blog post in my head, it’s halfway to the brain’s recycle box before I even try to remember it – because really – it’s all been said.

I was talking about this with my pastor hubby, and I said, the only thing that is different is how the Word of God works through me. (OK I’m sure when the conversation occurred there were a hundred “likes”, fragmented sentences, and nonsensical thoughts, but that was the jist of it. :))

Well! I have to say – that difference is a BIG DEAL!

God’s word does work through us all differently. In different ways. At different times. Through different people.

And God has given us our unique experience for the purpose of making disciples! In other words, I may not have anything new to say theologically or maybe even experientially.


I have a unique audience. Nobody else on earth knows the exact group of people that I know. I have a unique relationship with each one of them.

I have a unique opportunity to share the grace of Jesus Christ with them.

And I’m not going to blow it because I want to throw myself an it’s-been-said pity party.

Instead, I’m going to embrace the fact that our Lord has the power to make all things new! Including ME, the worst of sinners. Including YOU. 

Who are you denying your voice to? Why?

Where Oh Where…

has this little blog gone you ask?

I can’t believe it’s been since June 1 that I posted! Rest assured, I have been busily writing posts… in my head!

You see, life is crazy right now, and I decided a while ago to take the summer off from blogging….but I forgot to tell you!


I have double the workload right now, including work involving travel. Plus, we’re doing a DIY remodel on our kitchen! Whew!

It’s amazing how much I miss blogging and how often posts come to mind, but I know I have to take a little summer vacation right now. I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear with my expectations to you (how often do we have to say that to our spouses!?).

In the meantime, please enjoy plenty of oldie-but-goodie posts by using the navigation bar at the top of the page. Hover over the words, and you’ll see drop-downs with other topics you can peruse.

Also – if you’re a blogger or are involved in social media, don’t forget to join me at the Lady Blogger Social Online Conference! It’s only 2 weeks away (and I’m speaking!). You can get tickets using my affiliate link here if you want: Get a ticket!

My talk will be on Friday. Here’s a synopsis:

Blogging: A Three-Ring Circus

Walking the Tightrope, how to balance honest writing with integrity and sensitivity. The juggling act, how to be a committed blogger when you have other priorities (e.g., marriage, children, other careers, ministry, family, friends, and yourself). Swinging on the trapeze, using your blog to connect and partner with other opportunities.

What are your summer plans? Are they as crazy as mine!?

Join Me at the Lady Blogger Social Online Conference

Guess what!?
The Lady Blogger Social Online Conference

That’s right! I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited to speak at the Lady Blogger Social online conference!

The conference is perfect for those of us who are a part of social media endeavors but can’t afford the time or money it takes to go to a social media conference being held in a certain city.

Here’s what I think you should know about the conference:

  • You will have access to forums, chats, and downloads only available to conference attendees.
  • You get a recording and transcription of the conference to keep forever.
  • Speaker sessions will be held via teleconferences, live streaming, and webinars.
  • It’s much cheaper than an offline conference because there’s less overhead.
  • It is held July 8-10, 2011 – but remember, you get copies of all sessions, so you don’t have to be “present” during the live conference.

The complete speaker list will be announced when it’s finalized, but I’ve already heard some of the names, and trust me, you’ll be impressed!

Keep checking out the website and Twitter for more info.

Bliss v. The Need-to-Dos

I went to Blissdom, the blogging conference, hoping to learn more about the business of this new passion of mine – and learn I did. In fact, I drank from a fire hydrant of knowledge – the hose connected to some very successful bloggers.

Some of you have told me, “I love your blog – you should get some advertising!” I admit, this makes me giggle. Maybe because it reminds me that my blog looks a little immature without some sort of sidebar button or lovely banner ad. It also makes me smile to know that you, reader, care about my family and want this blog to bless us financially.

I would love that, too. Especially with job changes on the horizon.

So I’ll be making little changes here and there to that end, but rest assured that I write for Him, and for me, and for you. And I won’t do anything that will horribly disrupt your experience here. I hope.

Another goal of mine was to connect with other bloggers. I could have spent a few weeks culling and compiling the business knowledge of blogging, but no matter how much tweeting I do, or comment love I give, there’s no way I can connect with bloggers online in the same way as I can in real life.

I was able to meet at least 150 other blogging women – I am so impressed by all that is being done through their blogs – from charity, to crafting, to homeschooling, to food-ing, to fitness, to uplifting – these women are the voice of the Internet. They are the voices other moms and women (and some dudes too!) go to for information and community. It’s staggering how much influence female bloggers have – trust me, we saw some stats that made my jaw drop. I’m honored and humbled to be a part of this community – and now I’m challenged to know how much influence I can have. (Dear Lord, let me use it for You!)

Funnily, the gals I connected most with are actually women I met, briefly, at Relevant, the conference I attended in October. Visit them!

I also networked with many, many other bloggers, some of whom I hope to be working with very soon! I’ll keep you in the loop if any of these opportunities pan out.

Now, I have so much swirling in my head that I think I “need” to do. I’m reminding myself that a little at a time is OK, and that my primary focus is God and my family.

Tell me in the comments how you deal with the “need-to-dos”.

Finding That Bliss

Blissdom. It’s here.

Wow. That was fast.

Tomorrow, Brad and Samuel and I are heading to Nashville to what feels like the lady-blogger holy grail. And yup – the guys are going! I’m not sure what they’ll be doing while I’m soaking up the bliss all day, but I know they’ll find some fun at the Gaylord Opryland!

And me? Well, I’m nervous! I have my new business cards, a schticker for my laptop, and my best $35 outfits (oh yeah! You know I like to dress cheap!). Oh yeah. And that free ride.

It’s not going to feel real until Wednesday when all of the festivities start. Then, I’ll be going pretty much non-stop until we leave on Saturday. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But also so SO grateful for this opportunity.

God has used this blog to bring me closer to Him, and if that’s all He does with it, that’s enough for me. That’s my bliss.

But what if he does more!? That could be fun! 😉

If I get a chance (ha!) to post while I’m there, I will, but otherwise, Wedded Wednesday will be canceled this week, and I’ll see you when I get back. Wish me luck!