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My Husband is Obsessed with Caulk and Tires

My husband is addicted to caulk and tires. And I love it….let me explain.

Anytime a free couple of hours comes around at our house, I hear phrases such as, “The car needs new tires because blablabla.” <–I lack interpretation skills here.

Or, “I need to go to Lowe’s to get caulk for the repair on the trim.”

Umm… what is trim? Why does something that looks exactly as it should need repair? What is this caulk that you speak of!?

When that “caulk” thingie and “trim” thingie involves me planning out something pretty, like built-ins for our living room, I all of a sudden can speak in home repair lingo like the best of them. Pretty + function = happy. Functional gluey paste that costs money and time but doesn’t give me a visual boost = why do we need this?

Am I alone??

My Husband is Obsessed with Caulk

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There are times when I even get extreme in my questioning of my husband’s affinity for caulk. Sometimes, I get angry, thinking he just wants something to do to avoid us.

Then, I was reading in Ecclesiastes…

If a man is lazy, the rafters sag;

if his hands are idle, the house leaks. (Ecc. 10:18, NIV)

My thoughts went straight to my husband’s attention to caulk lines and cracks in our walls. I thought, Well, he sure is not lazy, and our house does not leak, praise God!

if a man is lazy the rafters sag


But this passage is about so much more than that. Ecclesiastes has many proverbs-like passages, which makes sense considering the writer is one and the same. But in this book, they are mostly in larger contexts communicating broader messages… which means they’re quite confusing to me, and I have to pull out the Walvoord and Zuck commentary (affiliate link)… plus a dictionary to figure out what their big words mean ha.

After all of that, I see that verses 16-19 contrast the difference between a state run by a wise king and a state run by a foolish king, wisdom being a synonym for righteousness and folly being a synonym for unrighteousness in this case.

We see that the wise king is self-controlled (v. 17) and by contrast with the foolish king, the wise king takes care of his kingdom and does not believe bribery or shortcuts will gain anything positive.

Kingdom with a good king

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Considering that the whole book aims to teach that being fully connected to God is the most enjoyable act of life, the righteous king would also “remember his creator in his youth” (12:1).

My husband could be spending his time doing any number of things – he’s still young! We’ve spent half of our life together now, so I won’t say how young, but he’s young enough that he could commit to sports hobbies 10 hours/week or dude nights twice a week or fun weekends away every month. But he doesn’t. He spends his time taking care of the family God has blessed him with, like a wise and righteous king managing his state.

This passage also reminds me of our Great King – King Jesus. We have no fear that he will ever let the rafters sag or the roof leak. He never took a shortcut to His mission on the road to the cross. He bravely and with self-control took on the full burden of our consequence, taking no bribe nor succumbing to temptation. Wielding the supernatural caulk and tires that only the God-man can.

DIY Citrus Oil to Get Rid of Mosquitos (You Tubesday)

Every Tuesday (starting today!), I’m going to share one of my YouTube videos. I created a channel not only to share videos of spiritual encouragement, but also to share my ideas for daily stewardship.

So far I’ve created videos for recipes, gardening, family management, cloth diapering, encouraging your husband, and discipling your kids! Subscribe to my channel here.

Today, I’m sharing how I keep the mosquitoes out of my yard. It’s an organic gardening recipe for citrus oil, which kills mosquito eggs as far as I understand. I spray it in my yard every 2-4 weeks, and I see a noticeable difference in the mosquitoes!

I hope you find it useful; feel free to leave questions in the comments.

DIY Built-Ins by non-Pros

We’re a little crazy. You see, we have no carpentry experience whatsoever, but in an effort to stay in our smallish house while tiny people keep growing, we have been looking for ways to use our space better. We had some wasted space on each side of our fireplace that just beckoned for some built-ins to be put in.

So after months of reading DIY blogs, thinking through what we would need and what would give us the best setup, hashing out designs, purchasing, and then building, building, building, painting, painting, painting, I give you….

Built-Ins by People Who Have no Experience with Such Things!


I can’t believe it, but this project actually went smoothly. All of the design planning paid off. We didn’t run into major issues. I only had one thing I forgot to consider. The “little things” just kind of worked out. It was quite amazing. Like a little gift covered in wood and paint….that took months to do because we have about 2 hours at any given moment to spare.

Bonus, our small living room now feels so large! We were able to get rid of three pieces of furniture (a TV console and two bookcases) by building these.

BIG kudos to my husband who was willing to put all of his pride on the line and churned out an amazing product – good job babe!!!

Now, when I look at the pic above, I think, Hurry -snap a pic while it’s clean! When did a designer come visit? You might think, Eh. However, in order to change your mind, I shall include a before pic:

I think that kind of sums it up, don’t you?

Now, I’m not a designer or home blogger by any means, but I’d be happy to answer your burning questions! Post them in the comments below.