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Support Peace in and Awareness of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Falling Whistles

This post is not sponsored. I am praying often for peace in the DRC. Please pray with me.

I randomly heard about Falling Whistles on Facebook. It was one of those, “Hey, so-and-so likes this page”, with a blurb about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The DRC is hosting the worst war of our time, with over 20 years of brutal, deadly, and somewhat hushed history. Falling Whistles was created to support Congolese natives who are working to rebuild their communities and set up local economies that have nothing to do with war.

They sell whistles.

They sell whistles as a symbol of peace – and as a talking point. If someone is wearing a whistle, you might ask them why, right? Those whistle sales support those natives who are working to strengthen economy – which can potentially give the DRC people a voice, a chance.

I knew I wanted to buy a falling whistle. But Sevenly sweetened the deal this week by selling falling whistles from their site. Any purchase you make on Sevenly goes to a different humanitarian cause each week. A few weeks ago, they were aiding malnutrition kids in the DRC (and I bought an awesome fair-trade mint tank top to support). This week, you can buy a fair-trade whistle that benefits the DRC visionaries … and will also provide medicines in Africa for 7 deadly but preventable diseases. (Whew!)

So I got mine. Now go get yours.

Thank you.