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God’s Word in a Heart Language

I had the opportunity as a Oneverse blogger to hear the story of Helen, a woman from Indonesia who does not have a full translation of the Bible in her first language.

Sure, she can read from the English and Indonesian Bibles, but neither of these languages are the one in her heart. The language with which she expresses her emotions, passions, dreams. The language she thinks in and uses to talk with her parents.

Maybe Helen is lucky. She can use the English and Indonesian Bibles to cobble together some head knowledge of what God says through His word. And the Holy Spirit works in her life to relay God’s word, too.

But when asked what it felt like to read the Bible in her mother tongue for the first time, Helen says, “It was AMAZING! I cried, laughed, rejoiced & understood very clearly what Jesus meant. I got the feeling, the emotions”

And some people aren’t blessed to have any language except for their first; that’s why I’m so grateful to be an advocate and a financial partner of Oneverse. My monthly offering provides one more verse in the heart language of the Vidunda people.

I smile when I think of them crying, laughing, rejoicing, and understanding that one verse as Helen described. I have done the very same thing when reading God’s word for myself.

When I read that God wanted us to shine like stars, and that I could be a part of that, I remember feeling amazed and thinking – Wow, that’s what I’m supposed to do!

Would you share in the comments a realization you had through the Word? And how it made you feel?

Ending Bible Poverty through OneVerse – Ministry Spotlight

OneVerse Blogger

I’m sure we’re all vaguely aware of how much we take for granted, particularly things like our wealth, safety, health, family, home, etc.

Having the Bible readily available – in my own language/dialect – is a grace I not only take for granted, but one that I rarely think about.

OK, so I knew there are people in the world who don’t have Scripture in their own language. But what I didn’t know is that “more people live without a complete Bible in their language than without enough food and clean water combined” (

Wow. I thought food and clean water were a big deal. And they are. But what about every people group hearing and reading about the living bread (John 6:51) and the well of eternal water (John 4:14), Jesus Christ?

And how often do I take advantage of having God’s Word, right here by my computer, on the Internet, on bookshelves, at the office, in the car, on my phone?

Not nearly enough. And that’s a heart issue we must each deal with and ask God to strengthen us in.

At the same time, we can also provide aid to ministries that are helping to end Bible poverty for millions of people. I’m proud to say that my family just started financially supporting OneVerse, which is a Bible translating ministry and affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Not only have we committed to financially sponsoring the translation of 1 Bible verse a month (for only $26!), but I have also committed to joining in the social media campaigns to spread the word about this ministry. I’m so pleased that God might use this space He’s given me to reach people across the world with His Word!

The people group I am committed to is the Vidunda group in Africa. You can read all about their spiritual position – and even see which Bible verse was sponsored last! – by clicking right here. Having God’s word in their own tongue will help them clear up confusion about the spiritual world, aid their growth in passion for the Lord, and also help reach more Vidundas for Jesus.

Would you consider joining me?