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Mommies, Ask for Help!

I hope all of you had an amazing Easter celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!

God really blessed me with being able to use some of my spiritual gifts while at our church service. A dear, dear friend who lives on the West Coast visited last week (also a blessing!), and she reminded me of one of my gifts that I basically have been hiding under a rug. Seizing opportunities to use that gift made me feel alive!

But for a pastor’s wife, Easter can be very difficult and draining. Not only is Easter the single-largest event at a church on Sunday morning throughout the year, but this year, our church met at a new location (we were outgrowing our other space so yay!)

So Brad had usual getting-ready-for-Easter duty, and then he also had a bunch of extra things he needed to take care of related to the new space. Bottom line, he’s been very tied up getting ready for Easter. Thankfully, we talked about the expectations ahead of time, and I knew what was ahead, so I was able to mentally prepare and all of that time away went great!

In all of the busy time, Brad asked me what he could pray for. I told him Easter morning. Because church “events” are very difficult for me. I am a Sunday morning single parent. On steroids. Not only am I in charge of getting kiddos ready and fed and to church. I’m in charge of all potty detail, dropping off sweet children (hoping they’re happy at drop-off), and then comes the event after the service.

With the toddler in tow, I have to figure out how to get all of the stuff (chairs, bags, etc.) to the grassy area, then figure out how to feed us (OK, really me) when all Samuel sees is jumpy houses and the Easter bunny. Actually eating the meal is usually a trick and interrupted by playtime, egg hunt, etc. In fact, this is the first year we’ve made the Easter bunny and egg hunt because the previous two years I just couldn’t get to everything on time. Even though I was right there!

So I told Brad that I was worried that I would be in a bad mood and not be a blessing. That we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the event. That I would just be so tired!

So he prayed.

And I decided to ask for help.

Many people have family who lives close or who are in town, and so they have built-in help! 😉 Every so often, I get blessed with that, but with family who lives out of town, I decided that I need to take advantage of the family God has given me through the church.

I have a community group I could ask for help, but they all have little ones, too. So I trekked out to the car, and started hauling my huge load toward the grassy area. “ARG!” came out of my mouth – I hadn’t asked for any help!

A friend walked by and asked if I needed help. In my head, I wanted to say, “NO! I can do it myself!” I’m so proud.

Instead, I said, “Yes.” He said he’d be right there, and he grabbed two of my chairs. And another friend walked by and said, “Can I help you?” I said, “Well, Jason’s helping me,” as she took a couple of bags from me.

Can you hear how hard it was for me to suck up my pride? In such a teensy tiny situation? But these friends really helped me! It was such a blessing – even though it seems small. I could SEE how God was answering my husband’s prayer for me.

And of course, he did as much as he could to help me too. In fact, he took Samuel to the egg hunt while I ate my entire plate of food!!! (Aren’t they handsome!?)

(Thanks Bobby for the great pic!)

Bottom line, mommies. Sometimes, we need to ask for help! Even when we don’t want to. We need to pray for it. And make our husbands aware of our needs so they can be our hero when they can.