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How to Make Baby Food in the Crock Pot

How did I not know that you can make baby food (without a bunch of mess!) in the crock pot?? Why didn’t someone tell me on kiddo #1, the child who ate gallons of purees?

Well, I want to save you from that sad, late realization.

How to Make Baby Food in the Crock Pot

This video is SO. FUNNY.

Because Emma.

Well… you’ll see.

If you didn’t watch – all you do is poke the veggies, wrap them in foil, and turn the crockpot on low! That’s it! Even with a full crockpot, my veggies were all done in 6.5 hours.

Make Baby Food in the Crock Pot

Baby with a #MommyPuppet – YouTubesday

OK, this YouTube video cracks me up. Is it just me? Or is a baby getting excited about a puppet of her mommy just stinkin’ funny?

And why does my baby have a #mommypuppet, do you ask?

Ah, that’s because we’re weirdos.  No, really. When I was planning my April Fool’s Pranks, I created an additional prank using one of my old acting headshots. While I was rummaging through the old ones deciding which shot to use for the prank, Emma, my 3 year old, said, “Can I have one of these?”

I said, “Sure!” I just thought she thought her mama looked nice 10 years ago and wanted to draw on it or something.


The next words out of her mouth were, “I want to make a puppet of you.”

See? Weirdos.