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Teacher Gift Tag for Chai Latte – Free Printable

We love to bless our kiddos’ teachers. In fact, we work hard at it all year, bringing them little drinks, snacks, and gift cards. If I were a teacher who couldn’t leave campus to eat or grab a quick drink, a hot chai latte would be a blessing! And a cute gift tag wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Teacher Gift Tag Free Printable Chai Latte

Well, I’ve gotcha covered there! Apparently, I like puns, as this tag plus my free chips and queso gift tag will attest.

Before school pickup or dropoff, run through the drive thru and grab a latte. Slap a glue dot or piece of tape on that tag – or a ribbon if you happen to have cute things in your dungeon of a closet, like I do.

Or, if you happen to have the best-in-the-world chai mix on hand, make your own!

Deliver with a smile and a child who behaves well in class. 😉

Get the free printable here:

Chai Teacher Tag