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LeapFrog’s LeapStart Review – Great for Preschoolers!

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
LeapStart Review
This is a fun and interactive product – great for 3 and 4 year olds! LeapFrog always has the best age-appropriate learning toys, and this one is no different.

The “pen” is the perfect size and weight for little hands to navigate.
The toy is very exploratory – great for this age, and it means the books can “grow” with the child as they try new things.
LeapFrog always excels in toys being educational and age appropriate, and this toy is no different!
The kids are so excited to check out their “own” books – each book is a certain level, and each page has games as well as simply-explanatory touch-and-point activities.

Price point is a little high for me with the books – and you will want multiple books!
I don’t think it’s super intuitive for a kid to snap the book into the tray.
The books have to be loaded on to the device via the computer.

My Favorite New LeapFrog Toy


LeapFrog sent me some new toys and games from their Fall collection to review. I have to tell you about my favorite one, the Number Lovin’ Oven.

The toy is smart, guessing at which food items are being placed in the oven. The controls are perfect for my children to touch and move, and everything is intuitive for them. I love that the voice response encourages sharing, and all of the pieces can be split and put together like mini puzzles.

One of my favorite things about this toy, as a mom, is that it’s small and all of the pieces fit inside!!! Even for older kids, they enjoy playing chef and aren’t worried about the fact that the learning factor is at a lower level for them. This one is definitely worth the price.

I highly recommend it! Check it out on amazon by clicking here.

Disclosure: LeapFrog sent me this product to review. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links included.

LeapPad Platinum and Imagicard Review

The LeapPad Platinum is another in a great series of kids’ tablets. This device appears much more sleek and slender, and the software is more stable than the LeapPad Ultra.


One of my favorite things about LeapPad tablets is the LeapSearch web browser. Only kid-friendly videos are added to the browser, so you know there’s no faulty “filter” not really protecting your kids.

My 5-year old’s favorite game is Imagicard Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Learning Game. He loves this game! He is really into the ninja turtles right now, but this game is also very age-appropriate for him. He can do almost everything in the game on his own, but it’s a step up from the video games he’s played before, particularly on LeapPad.

Some of the math questions are a little much for his age, but I like how LeapPad games respond to your child’s abilities by making questions easier or harder – and he’s asking me more math questions, which is a great thing!

This game uses ImagiCards, which is a collection of cards that interacts with your LeapPad to bring more characters to your games. For our family, this was not really impressive. As a mom, I knew right away that I’d be finding cards all over the house, although a nice metal tin is available to hold cards. My 5-year old wasn’t interested in the cards at all. He said the games already had pre-loaded cards, so he didn’t care to use them in the games. He did use the cards for other, non-LeapPad, activities, though. 🙂

This review contains only my opinions. LeapPad provided the LeapPad Platinum and games for my review.

Review of LeapTV game system

Disclosure: LeapFrog provided the LeapTV system for me to review.

LeapFrog rarely disappoints me, but I was a little skeptical of this new game system they sent me, the LeapTV…. well, they blew me out of the water again!


LeapTV is fun, active, educational, and safe (age appropriate) – all of the things I love about LeapFrog products.

With all that in mind, the FUN is definitely there. The game system is engaging because there are many ways to play. Depending on the game, your kiddo might have a mission where the camera is displaying him (my kid loved this) right there on the screen. And, the control is two-in-one. It has a wand-like/senser use, and then can be rotated to act like a traditional controller.


My almost-5 year old loves this new game system from LeapFrog. Every game and level is a little different, and his favorite right now is Spiderman.

The setup was a little tricky because we have a recessed wall with an extension mount TV. It took us a few tries to figure out where the TV and camera should be, but now it’s great fun. There’s a mount where the camera can be on top of the TV, but for our setup, that meant a large reach. If I extend the TV and leave the camera on the counter, the camera can’t read the top-most movements. So, our solution was to keep the TV mostly near the wall, and it works great for us that way.

LeapFrog is going to allow me to give one of these away soon, so stay tuned!

Review of LeapFrog LeapBand

LeapFrog LeapBand Review
Disclosure: LeapFrog provided the LeapBand to me to review.

I love LeapFrog! Their toys are always age appropriate and educational!

The LeapBand is a fun toy that gets my kids moving, and I love anything that keeps them active (and I just get to watch!). My 4-year old is kind of particular about wearing things (doesn’t like hats, itchy tags, etc.), so he doesn’t wear the watch. Since he’s not super attached to this toy, I leave it out so he will pick it up and play with it.

He loves that the LeapBand gives him a variety of ways to move around, and he even started making up his own, like doing the “Pac Man”. I personally love the nod to energy with the “joules/jewels” wording, and my son likes to collect them. I do think that the “next step” of the app – using the joules to do certain things with your pet either on the watch or the apps – is a little complicated for my 4-year old, but some kids may really enjoy that strategizing.

I could definitely see other kids wanting to wear this and play with their pet all the time, but my son doesn’t seem to play with it as much as his legos or LeapPad Ultra.

I love that the LeapConnect app lets parents see exactly what their kids are learning and playing, but it seemed like I had to download a new version of the app, which was a hassle to me. I also like that you can turn the pet care off during school and sleep hours.

Leappad2 Giveaway!

I am so excited that I’ve been chosen as a LeapFrog parent. LeapFrog has a knack for combining what I love about toys (developmentally appropriate, educational, fun) and what my son loves about toys (fun, interactive, has noise, has lights haha!).

They sent me the new LeapPad2 to review, and we’ve been playing with it for about a week. Since I have a newborn who naps 4 times a day, Samuel gets “LeapPad” time when I’m putting her down for a nap. This is a win-win because he gets to play with his favorite toy, and I don’t have a 2 year old running into the nursery saying, “Moooooooommmmyyyy!!!” at the top of his lungs. 🙂

You can read the details below, but here’s my review in a nutshell: This thing is so great, I want one for ME. 😉

Why I love the LeapPad2 (there’s so much I could say here, these are the highlights):

– There is no Internet access. My son loves to play games on an old iPhone we have, or, of course, our own phones, but he knows exactly how to get to YouTube, and there’s just too much Internet access for him to play on these phones independently. Some parents might think it’s a pain to connect online to look for and download apps, but I see that as a plus.

– Developmentally appropriate! My son is only 2 and a half years old, and the device is made for ages 3-9, but he still has no problem finding a ton of fun, and I can see how he will be able to use the LeadPad2 for years. Literally. Here’s a really cool tidbit: The eBooks and games actually adapt to your child. As he answers more questions correctly, for example, he gets harder questions – I LOVE THIS FEATURE. I can say so much more about the kid-ness of the LeapPad2 – how it’s perfect for their size, how friendly voices and images show them how to play each app so they’re not lost – LeapFrog knows kids. That’s all there is to it.

– No boredom. Not only does the LeapPad2 arrive with great content, but there are over 300 apps available, plus any LeapFrog Explorer games can be used in the device. It’s just not possible for this to get old.

– Variety includes creative learning. Developing children’s creativity is absolutely lacking for the current education regime. We are so focused on math, science, reading, and writing that we won’t let our kids color an elephant purple. We’ve played with apps that help a child learn to draw (like really draw not just scribble or doodle or color) and create a film. I was quite impressed with the creative apps.

– At a retail of $99, the value is really high for the price. I know people who have purchased iPads for their kids, which is totally their choice, but for a young child $99 is much easier to stomach for a super nice Christmas or birthday present.

What could be improved:

– My son is left-handed. I was a little disappointed when I saw the stylus on the right side of the device. Thankfully, the screen is responsive to fingers, so he doesn’t need to use the stylus unless he’s working on writing games. For example, the Pet Pad has a writing section where he can trace letters with the stylus. I was pleased to see that there is a left-handed mode for this that flips the screen around, but the child has to 1) know they’re left-handed 2) see this small button and know what it’s for 3) press it every time they enter this zone. The device could be more left-hand friendly by assigning the child’s writing hand to their profile and using that setting in all writing activities.

– The LeapPad2 runs on 4 AA batteries. You can use rechargeable AA batteries, and you can also buy a recharger kit for the device. And you will want to have a way to charge rather than buy batteries. I think we got maybe 7-10 hours of playtime on one set of batteries. It would be a huge parental-approval boost to have the recharger kit come with the LeapPad2, straight off the shelf.

I hope this review is truly helpful to you! It was just released, and I think they are sold out on Amazon and people might be reselling them at a higher price. If I were you, I’d wait until the rush dies down and get one straight from the manufacturer.

OR……..you can try to win a LeapPad2 right here! All you have to do to enter is comment on this post. The giveaway will end on Friday, August 31 at 11:59pm. Good luck!

Disclosure: LeapFrog provided the LeapPad2 for this review, but all opinions are mine all mine!