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Valentine’s Day Gift for Men – Love Talk Journal

What should you get your man for Valentine’s Day? Or for his birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Father’s Day – any holiday where you want to exchange gifts?

Let’s be real: some men are so hard to buy for. Particularly those whose love language is words of affirmation. Yeah. That’s my husband.

He actually enjoys having conversations, talking things through, dreaming for the future, philosophising.

Sometimes we get to do this together, but there are also many weeks where we are hard-pressed to find a day we go to sleep at the same time, let alone sit down and have a conversation.

So for Christmas, I gave Brad a Love Talk Journal.

Sounds mushy, huh?

A Love Talk Journal is simply a place where you keep notes to each other. One person has the journal. When they feel prompted, they write a note to their partner. Then, they pass the journal to their mate – we also like to hide it where we know the other will find it! Once they have the journal, it’s their turn.

The note doesn’t have to be a love note (although that’s fair game!). It can be a note about things you’re thinking about, things that you’re thankful for, things you love about them. It’s just a note.

But this journal is not a place for conflict. I strongly believe that you should deal with conflict in person (even if you have to write to process first -the Love Talk Journal is not the place for that).

When we were college sweethearts, Brad and I had a Love Talk Journal, but it’s been many years since we wrote notes like we were giddy kids.

So I decided to bring it back!

For Christmas, I gave him a journal. It was one we already had on our shelf. In fact, it was this one from Dayspring:

We had not written in this yet, so it was ready to go. It’s so cute: it even has a side for the Mr. to write, and a side for the Mrs. to write. 😉 But of course, any bound notebook will do!

So I wrote my first Love Talk note, and wrapped it up. He loved it. I’m sure it was his favorite gift. (Right, babe?)

Even if you don’t typically exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, a Love Talk Journal is more about putting your feelings for your husband in black and white. Words he (and you!) can read and even cherish for a lifetime. It’s a tangible reminder for regular romance.

Do you have a great gift idea for men? Add it to the comments below!

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And I know I posted this 2 weeks in advance of V-Day, but I wanted to give you time to find the perfect journal! 🙂

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Valentine’s Day: Love is in the Air (and On Sale?)

Wow – Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away now. Can I remind you that we are not the best at celebrating the holiday of love? We’re the delinquint friends who forget to celebrate and then feel like hacks when you ask us what we did for Valentine’s Day! 😉

I’m not sure what we will do this year, but just the fact that it’s still January, and I’m already thinking about the holiday is really good for me! Maybe we will stay in and have a fire (pleeeeease can we have some winter around here!?). Maybe we will have chocolate-covered strawberries! (I always want to do that but can never get it together…) Maybe we will leave the house…likely not but ya never know!

Let’s do something fun! In the comments, or on Facebook – tell me:

In your ideal world, what would you and your spouse do for Valentine’s Day?

Oooo I can’t wait to hear! Maybe I’ll get some ideas!

In the meantime, I was browsing the Dayspring website for my kitchen when I saw a new collection, and it’s totally on sale!

I know where love comes from and He has my heart

Isn’t that so super cute!? If you have a daughter, this would be a special Valentine’s gift for her. This particular picture is from a 6-piece set that’s usually $17.45 but is on sale for only $8.73! Click here to order it on Dayspring’s site.

And they still have the Mr. and Mrs. Collection, which is my personal favorite. Some of these products are on sale, too.

Now get going on that question above – I want to dream with ya!


Making Choices in Marriage: A Missing Link

Brad and I decided to start reading Marriage Matters* so that we could engage in more thought and discussion about our marriage.


Sounds like I really have it together, huh?

The truth is, we don’t have a perfect marriage. In fact, there are times when our marriage is downright ugly, rather than being a picture of Jesus to the world. And I am definitely not a perfect wife. Why do you think I have this blog!? Not because I know it all, but because I realize that I don’t know it all!

Anyway, it was, of course, my pastor hubby who recommended choosing a book to read together.

For me, reading an entire non-fiction book (not just chapter 1) is like running a marathon. Fiction? No problem. Got it covered in a week’s time. Non-fiction? Whew. I’m drained just thinking about it. Anyone have a running Gu?

We have done this before – read a book together for spiritual improvement. And it was very good for us. Maybe more for me than for him. I have to force myself to think about spiritual things and being committed to a book together helps me with that.

So I, without prompting (I’m so proud!), read chapter 1 today instead of taking a nap 🙂

Chapter 1 is always the intro chapter, so I got a good overview of what this book is going to look like. Good, solid truth is in chapter 1, but chapter 1 never contains earth-shattering news, right?


Winston T Smith, the author, says that having a marriage that reflects Jesus means making choices that reflect Jesus.

Well, that’s good stuff Mr. Smith, but I already knew that. So there.

Then I read the very next phrase. My paraphrase is:

Having a marriage that reflects Jesus means making choices that reflect Jesus over and over.

The “over and over” part is a direct quote. Yeah. Did that hit you like a rock like it did me?

I can make a choice that reflects Jesus. Once. And then I give up. Because after all, my spouse didn’t become perfect. My life didn’t become perfect. (Hint: that’s not the point.)

For our marriages to truly reflect Jesus, we have to make decisions in love over and over and over again. And again. When it’s painful. Inconvenient. When we don’t want to. When it’s 3am. When our spouse is not being God-honoring themselves.

It’s kind of… just like God’s love for us! Duh!

But I didn’t get it! And now that I do, I’m a little overwhelmed at the responsibility of it.

You know what I need? The power of the Holy Spirit.

I need to ask God to enter my marriage, and be love (1 John 4) when I cannot. Or will not. To break my spirit of selfishness and pride.

Has this hit home for you like it did for me?

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Valentine’s Day Snobs

We’re kind of Valentine’s Day snobs. Not the kind who dress up all fancy, get a sitter, go to the poshest place, and eat delicious sushi at really dark tables.

No, unfortunately, we’re the other kind. The kind who turn their noses up at Valentine’s Day. Who scoff at a holiday made for love. Pshaw – like you should need a reminder to tell someone you love them!

Umm…. what if you do, though? What if you are in the throes of life and have not stopped and eaten at any kind of table together recently? What if you have illnesses in your family that keep you under hospital lighting rather than mood lighting? What if you are desperately struggling to make ends meet and absolutely cannot hire a babysitter? What if you haven’t bought anything nice for yourself to wear because of shame over your body – or the idea that you could lose “just 5 more pounds”?

Then, maybe you do need a reminder. And maybe a commercialized holiday could be a redeeming piece of your marriage.

If you’re like me, though – you really don’t want to go out on Valentine’s Day. The wait at restaurants alone will make me not be so loving. If that’s you, why not make Valentine’s Day the 15th this year?

Or, try celebrating V-Day at home. Sometimes, we’re more comfortable in our own spaces, don’t you think? Here’s why:

  • We get to control the thermostat.
  • We don’t have to hire a babysitter if we don’t want to (wait for the kiddos to go to bed!)
  • We know what our favorite meals are and can order them to bring in (no huge tip needed!) or cook them side-by-side with a glass of wine and some Jazz on Pandora.
  • We can still dress up! And if you can’t stand your heels after an hour, you can take them off.
  • If we want the night to *ahem* end early – our bedroom is close by.
  • Dessert is better in our PJs on the couch (in a dark-lit room, if desired) after the previous bullet point.

So… what are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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