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Styling a Mustard Yellow LuLaRoe Amelia

There exists an amazing dress.

It stretches.

It’s soft.

It isĀ modest (yes, it hits the knee!).


It’s the LuLaRoe Amelia dress!!! I’ve started carrying them in my LuLaRoe boutique, and they’re a hit with the ladies!!

In my last order, I got mustard yellow Amelia in a few sizes – awesome color, right!? But is the color mustard only for Fall?

Nope – and I’m here to prove it! I’ve styled the dress for all seasons!

First up, how do you make a “fall” color look good for Spring? You brighten it with a Cassie skirt-turned-scarf in Spring colors and add a lightweight Lindsay kimono to make the look breezy.

Mustard Amelia Spring

Next, what about summer? Tie on an Irma to make the look more casual, and add a straw hat and gladiator sandals! I also love the monochromatic look going on here!

Mustard Amelia Summer
For Fall, it’s time to start darkening that mustard up and adding warming layers! Adding black also makes this a great date night look. I honestly think my knee high boots would have worked much better here.

And winter! Layer that Irma on, plus a denim jacket, plus a Mimi shawl, plus booties! An easy winter success formula!

My Amelia pockets frequently contain my phone, a snack, keys, and a pacifier. What would be in your pockets??

Styling a Mustard Amelia Dress